Serving communities and caring for others goes to the root of our company culture

Serving others is the basis for all we do. That’s why the company initiated MAC Cares in January 2020. We wanted to give our employees outreach opportunities to engage even more meaningfully within the communities and facilities that we serve. Simply stated, we want to do good things for other people, beyond providing affordable medications, enhanced patient care and great customer service. MAC Cares programming enables our teams to roll up their sleeves and get directly involved with the causes and people who need it most.

MAC Rx is a company that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ve found the most effective team building and synergy comes from reaching out to customers and community. It’s not just a financial investment, but an investment of time, talent and trust to make lives better. 

MAC Cares community partners

In 2020, MAC Cares has worked or plans to work with a variety of local agencies and community partners, including:

Unity in Community raises funds to help children and adults receive the medical equipment they need.

Feed My Starving Children strives to reduce malnutrition to help children around the world grow, thrive and develop to their full potential.

Des Plaines Food Shelter provides packaged foods and meals to local food-insecure families. 

Bike 4 Chai raises funds to benefit Chai Lifeline, which supports seriously and chronically ill children and their families.

What areas are served by MAC Cares?

We service a wide variety of facilities and levels of care, from intermediate and SMHRC centers up to the most acute skilled nursing facilities in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. From local food banks to global initiatives, MAC Cares about the communities around us.

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