Pharmacy Services

Save an average of 13%-28% on prescriptions with the lowest state Medicaid based pricing

If you work at a long-term care facility in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin, MAC Rx can help you realize significant savings on prescription medications for your residents. MAC Rx has grown into the Midwest’s largest long-term care independent pharmacy.

Saving on prescription medication pricing is just the beginning when you partner with MAC Rx. Patient safety and personalized service are equally important. By leveraging the latest technology in our pharmacy processes, MAC Rx provides novel, user-friendly solutions at the facility level to ensure nursing staff can easily dispense, track and refill resident prescriptions.

MAC Rx technology seamlessly interfaces with most EHR/eMAR health systems

MAC Rx software allows pharmacy customers to electronically submit medication refill requests. Our secure web portal offers the option to refill prescriptions, print medical records, complete leave of absence and destruction documentation, and track and receive orders electronically. State-of-the-art barcode technology and computerized workflow tracking allow for timely and accurate medication dispensing for enhanced resident safety.

Medication dispensing carts streamline delivery and reduce chance for error

MAC Rx customers receive medication management carts to safely administer all drugs to facility residents. The carts help to ensure a timely first dose of medications, which are critically important for new admissions and streamlines medication management for all residents.

Five-star service and delivery set MAC Rx apart from other long-term care pharmacy providers

It’s not just what we do, but how we do it that sets us apart from other Midwestern long-term care pharmacies. MAC Rx maintains designated customer service representatives for every client. When you call our center, you’ll always speak with your account manager. Containers are unmarked for enhanced security measures. And because healthcare doesn’t take a holiday, neither do we. MAC RX delivers 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, with guaranteed four-hour stat delivery.

We understand there are times when you need to change or return an order

That’s why MAC Rx credits returns for all refusals at time of delivery, offers various return protocols for further savings and engages the MAC Rx innovative split billing process to further reduce facility costs.


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Save on long-term care pharmacy costs when you partner with MAC Rx

Trust the pharmacy professionals at MAC Rx to fill all of your long-term care pharmacy needs, including:

  • Blister pack 30-day on-demand prescription packaging system
  • IV infusion therapies and IV pumps
  • Customized compounding products to provide facility staff with cost-effective and ease-of-medication administration options
  • State-of-the-art barcode technology and computerized workflow tracking to assure timely and accurate medication dispensing along with superior customer service
  • MAC Rx Link web portal to refill prescriptions, track and receive orders, print medical records, complete leave of absence and destruction documentation

Nursing Services

Support your facility nursing staff with on-site visits, mock surveys and in-services from MAC Rx nursing professionals.

Pharmacy Consulting

Enhance care with medication management reviews, recommendations and reporting from our pharmacy staff.